There I Was


An era of my exposure to the reality of life summed up in the shape of the text forward. Though events that occurred in the book ahead, spanning a couple of months; however, the impact they fabricate on my life is everlasting. The motive to pen down the occurrences is primarily to reassess whether I would ever be able to express myself again in life or not. As they say before a plane crash “brace for the impact” so does my almighty Allah signaled me through my intuitions before getting such jarred impacts of life, mentioned ahead in the book.

Being an educationist and journalist by profession; a writer by passion, I have always inked the sheets with the scriptures of truth and reality; regardless, of how bitter and cruel it is. Likewise, the events presented here are entirely factual; as sure as you are reading this right now. This publication took me no longer than a moment to jot down the events, which are inculcated within my core for the rest of my existence.

This book may turn out to be a source of motivation, for someone trapped with the confrontations and challenges of life. I have been through a whole bunch of adversaries, in the form of emotional aspects, while writing this book. Memories kept striking me, snatching away my morale, wetting out the pages, and shaking up my pen gripping fingers. With the support of my family, especially my wife, beloved friends, and relatives, I have written this book.

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