Private Life of Management


Version Paperback
Publisher OGMC Publications
Year 2021

This is the 2nd book in Series based on the collection of miscellaneous articles and other pieces of work that we have done during our careers. The main aim is to share different experiences and knowledge, not just limited to ours but also many others with whom we interacted during our careers. The reason for sharing these experiences and knowledge is because we always believe it to be our moral obligation towards the domain which has given us so much over the years. 

As every human is different, so every experience, despite its outcome or magnitude, may have some learning aspect to it. The things we discuss here is not to prove something right or wrong, rather there are suggestions to initiate discussion on topics. The response and feedback as a result of the discussions always prove a source of learning and improvement and that is why we keep updating our content based on that feedback. 

Most of the articles are personal views to explain something or share relevant real life experiences and drive learnings from them. Some articles may be based on some new ideas and aim behind sharing them is to float a unique concept to get valuable feedback. The readers can either endorse the idea or can help in making corrections through their point of view, knowledge and experiences. 

The views expressed in this book is purely based on our personal thoughts and they should in no way be associated with any individual or any organization. The views are not meant to defame or aimed at criticizing any person or entity. The views are purely for informational purpose and shared with the best of intentions. 

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