Nun for None

By (author)Mehnaz Walayat


“Nun for None”, presents the endless perceptions and meaningful thoughts of the author, who herself spent a few years in religious life for nothing.

Behind the doors, the shadows of the Nuns are mostly dark, scary, and miserable. Nothing wrong is happening to Nuns from the outside, the major damage is done inside by the Religious System, a system of a like-minded community full of politics and negativity where everyone dislikes each other.

This Religious System has almost turned into Holy Trafficking, a ruthless blend of Hypocrisy, Harassment, Sexual Abuse, Mental Torture and Misbehave. The author has written about her dejection of the Religious People who are losing their default dignity, credibility, and acceptance in society. This book contains both sides of the picture based on the thesis-antithesis concept.




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