Mystic Lifestyle For Everyone

By (author)J. J. Edward


Mysticism is nothing but enlightened spirituality. It is awakening to absolute awareness. We are called to breathe more fully, love more deeply, relate more easily to the Divine One, who is the light and truth of who we really are. A mystic lives an enlightened life of all-embracing love. He renders compassionate service, liberated from binding ego tendencies.

As Karl Rahner puts it, a human being of the third millennium is a mystic or nothing else. We are moving from cultural religious and dogmatic beliefs and entering the spiritual age.

The success literature of the last two hundred years is centered on domination and ego cultivation. It is time, we concentrated on things important and permanent, while we pilgrimage here on earth, constantly reminding ourselves of being part of One Spirit and one Reality and Ground of Being or the Substratum of the Universe. Here is an attempt to provide the readers with insights and models with an invitation to lead a meaningful and authentic life in harmony with the grand designs of the maker.

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