Invisible Pillars of Society


The pillars, I am concerned, in my essays are of the bridge between HEAVEN and EARTH, connecting these two entirely different realms. And the broken pillars, I symbolized with death and mortality. And these invisible pillars have immense potential for both progress and destruction in societies. It’s the fundamental reality and universal truth, neither old nor dynamic societies can sustain without the fundamental pillars of respect for human beings and the planet. The worldly mainstream businesses, economies, environment, cultures, and governments cannot survive without the divine principles of honesty, respect, integrity, and ethics. Societies are more sensitive as having more senses and collective wisdom than humans. The communities having more regard and esteem for these principles are more stable as these give birth to further social qualities such as fairness, freedom, security, belonging, and tolerance. According to scripture, love with God creates love for humanity. In well-civilized nations, these pillars are part of laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning social values. And on the other hand, positive behavior and the right attitude depend on upbringing which starts right from the homes and schools. This book describes many highs and lows of morality and ethics at all levels of underprivileged and thrones of kingdoms.

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