Happiness is Your Right, Privilege and Duty

By (author)J. J. Edward


These thoughts and insights are intended to create greater meaning and fulfillment in our lives. Every human being is a piece of one Spirit and One Reality. There is no happiness outside this Reality. Attunement is of the essence of happiness, inner peace, and Joy. These thoughts helped me in my journey and they will surely help you too. What we need today is spirituality and not rituals and dogmas, and the third millennium is for the spiritually fit.

To be human is greatness. Life is becoming more and more complex and a healthy spirituality and worldview are necessary to handle the new problems of life. We have to be open to all cultures and practices of all nations and religions and draw sustenance and energy for our lives. We need insights and tools to handle our fears anxieties, addictions, and negativities. We need a comparative spirituality and ethics and worldview in the present millennium.

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