Agile Risk & Governance Stream


Version ePub
Publisher OGMC Publications
Year 2021

This is the 2nd book in the Series of “Agile Organizational Transformation”, which elaborates the role of Risk and Governance in organizational transformation and sustainability. Agile always focus on clarity of purpose to build real-world solutions.

This book presents several philosophies about management, “Less RISK in less output, but more in the WRONG product” and “Building the Right Things Right” as risks lies between doing right and doing fast. Also, diverging interest is a very real risk and adaptivity is the best mitigation response in this case.

This book mainly stretches the mind to a high-level approach to avoid risks, miserable failures, and nightmares concerning the theory of “More Agile, Less Risk”. Here, raising the importance of integrating all dimensions of the project, program, or portfolio. Predictability of the project’s risk exposure presents organizational maturity rather than reacting and getting surprises.

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