ACP – 1000 Mock Questions


Version Kindle
Publisher OGMC Publications
Year 2021

AGILE Framework is a collection of various methodologies which includes best practices for successful Software Development. Agile has evolved through embracing new and latest ways of working, such as Lean, Kanban, Dynamic System Development Model (DSDM), Adaptive software development (ASD), Agile Unified Process (AUP), XP, and Scrum. Agile provides practical guidance to address team management, working collaboration and systematic governance.

This book contains 1000 ACP® mock questions directly linked with training and certification concepts, providing learning through practice exam. It is very effective for students and professionals of business and IT Project management and extremely useful for ACP Exam.

This book contains 8 full exams with thought provoking questions to challenge your thinking and understanding, with great clarity, and each exam is designed to practice, manage and adjust the pace and time before going into of the real ACP exam.  Answers are given at the end of each test to evaluate exam score and capability. These exams are purely based on standards and guidelines of (Project Management Institute, USA (PMI). This book presenting concepts, artifacts, events, processes and lifecycle of Agile Project Management for in a very easy and understand format, so you can easily pass your exam in first attempt.

Each exam contains total of 120 questions and the time limit is 180 minutes. You must score at least 65 percent (78 questions) to earn the ACP Certification.

This Book is the right choice which gives you the opportunity to prepare for exam in a simplest way that ensures your success in first try.

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