Sheikh Jawad Hussain has a Master in History and LLM from Kingston University, United Kingdom. After studying his law and journalism education, nowadays he is officiating in a higher education institution in the UK. He has been attached to education for the last 20 years. He is an established historian, intellectual, a proficient journalist, political and social critique and commentator as well as a profound legal expert.

Sheikh Jawad chose to pen the bitter mindset and realities of the global socio-political societies. His writings are a salve on the moral, cultural and ethical wounds of the system and society. He unveiled many cancers of social and political systems. His thoughts reflect and illuminate deep philosophical wisdom and knowledge. His ideology is open-minded, liberal, and sentimental. In his clinical analysis, he prefers to expose the nacked truths about polluted politics and social dogmas instead of advocating sugar-coated false promises.
He is a passionate author writing thought-provoking books, columns, critical analysis, and poetry. His realistic painful words are difficult to swallow and digest. At present, he is writing his columns in “Daily Pakistan”, “Urdupoint” and “The Nation” regularly.